About Something Different Party Rental

Something Different Party Rental and our team of Difference Makers are continuously striving to be the best partner a caterer, designer, planner and venue could possibly have. Refining and improving our product and service, we are always going above and beyond to make things easy for our partners.

We have made a conscious commitment to the continual innovation in the delivery of our products and services. Our processes have been standardized to ensure minimal margin for error. Our products are checked before and after every order and are maintained to stay in great shape. We are constantly updating our inventory and investing in pieces which cannot be found elsewhere. Our trucks are equipped with two way radios and GPS tracking, so that our Customer Service team always knows the status of your orders. And our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide you with outstanding support during any event or emergency.

Get to know your team of Difference Makers and how we can assist with your events!

Seth Stern – Chief Difference Officer

Years in Events Industry: 14 +

Favorite Part of My Job: Creating and developing a world class team of difference makers that are continually making all of the difference

Favorite Item: The Turtle Chafing Dish

Design Style: Sophisticated and Elegant

Favorite Process: Building a world class event rental in the middle of the most extreme special events market in the world!

Favorite Activity: Running away with the checkbook and satisfying my addiction to bringing the most unique and timeless product to the special events industry

Food I can’t live without: Porterhouse steak at Wolfgangs and a super dry Vodka Martini

Food I can’t stand:  Sardines

Irene Katsaros – Director of Operations – Difference Maker

Favorite Part of My Job: Finding solutions for difficult problems

Favorite Item: Gold Swirl Charger

What do I like most about my job: Measuring our results so that we are constantly improving our level of quality and service

Food I can’t live without: Bacon…Bacon…PORK!

Foods I can live without:  Anything from the Ocean.

Samantha Sajban – Director of Customer Care – Difference Maker

Favorite Part of My Job: working directly with clients from start to finish and ensuring their orders are produced correctly and efficiently

Favorite Item: Moore Collection

Favorite Process: Continuously improving our Customer Service

Design Style: Traditional with a modern flair

Seasoning I can’t stand:  Lemon Pepper

Food I can’t live without: Lamb Kabob with Tzatziki Sauce

Favorite type of event: Tea Party

Wil Durango – Operations Leader - Difference Maker

Years in Events Industry: 29+

Favorite Part of My Job: Assisting in load-ins and ensuring quality and service while interacting with customers

Favorite Item: Mirage Chairs

Favorite Process: prepping rental orders

Favorite Sport: Soccer and Basketball

Food I can’t stand: Pork…Pork…Pork

Food I can’t live without:  Spaghetti


Luiggy Estrella – Operations Supervisor – Difference Maker

Years in Events Industry: 9+

Favorite Part of My Job: Using the order picker to keep our product organized and ready to rent

Favorite Item: Aqua Ariana Goblet

Favorite Process: Routing and scheduling

Food I can't eat:  Octopus

Food I can’t live without:  Lasagna


Elaine Easton – Director of Accounting & Human Resources – Difference Maker

Favorite Part of My Job: Analyzing numbers and collecting money!

Favorite Item: Empire & Rattan Flatware

Food I can’t live without: That’s a tough one! My favorite food is baked ziti but I love some fresh steamed and seasoned king crab legs

Food I can’t stand: Sausage

Design Style: I don’t have a specific style but I love lots of color.

Christina Michelucci – Account Manager – Difference Maker

Favorite Part of My Job: Connecting with clients and seeing the end result of our collaboration

Favorite Item: Silver Sea Sponge Charger

Design Style: Contemporary with a dash of glitz

Seasoning I can’t stand: Cilantro

Food I can’t live without: Pizza

Favorite type of event: Wedding


Julia Alai – Senior Account Manager – Difference Maker

Years In The Events Industry: 11+

Favorite Part of My Job: Building and maintaining relationships with our partners and assisting in executing their clients vision for an event.

Favorite Items: Copper Ring Charger & Brown Gator Lacquer Rectangular Tray

Design Styles: Rustic, Industrial Chic & Gothic Revival

Food I Can’t Stand: Anchovies

Food I Can’t Live Without: Chicken Paprikash & A Glass of Full Bodied Red

Favorite Type Of Event: Raw Space Wedding

Guilty Pleasure: Adding To My Growing Wine & Scotch Collections (Recent Additions: Bedell Cellars Musee 2008 & Bowmore 25 Y.O Small Batch Release)

Christopher Zglobicki– Director of Process Improvement and Assistant Director of Operations- Difference Maker

Favorite Part of My Job: The daily challenge to improve processes.

Favorite Item: Electric Fryer

What do I like most about my job: Improving our quality and service by improving our company processes.

Food I can't live without: Steak (Ribeye)

Foods I can live without: Brussels Sprouts