Japanese sophistication and imperfect perfection inspires Inku Tableware

Japanese sophistication and imperfect perfection inspires Inku Tableware

By Staff Writer, Posted in Product
August 17, 2023

It was the Japanese sense of sophistication and imperfect perfection that top chef Sergio Herman was able to infuse into the Inku tableware.

Sergio Herman, renowned for his exceptional culinary creations and innovative dining concepts, has seamlessly woven the Japanese essence of sophistication and imperfect perfection into the exquisite Inku tableware. The tableware nods to shell shapes, blossoms, and the patterns found in nature. "With Inku tableware, we can not only decorate the plate nicely but complete tables with blossoms in ceramics," declares Herman. These very pieces will grace the tables at Le Pristine brasserie in Antwerp, an establishment that bears his creative touch. He envisions more than culinary inspiration; he aspires to kindle artistic sparks through table adornment. Enhancing this picturesque narrative, the collection embraces delicate glassware.



Sergio Herman, a culinary virtuoso, etches his legacy with delectable innovations and revolutionary dining experiences. Once the proprietor of Oud Sluis, a revered three Michelin-starred haven in Sluis, The Netherlands, Sergio's journey has unfolded through multiple restaurant ventures and a culinary stewardship of the unique Frites Atelier, which celebrates the humble French fry.

The genesis of the Inku line started from Sergio's trips to Japan, where the allure of locally crafted, unadulterated tableware captivated him. Inspired to bring this Japanese simplicity into a vibrant brasserie ambiance, Sergio collaborated with Serax to birth the Inku collection.

Inku exudes a heightened sophistication, exuding an almost feminine grace. The collection elegantly marries abstract forms with familiar Japanese blooms. Elements like the radial typography reminiscent of the iconic Mount Fuji further enrich the collection's narrative.

The standout feature lies in the uniqueness of each Inku plate; no two are identical. This results in a subtle symphony of glaze-induced imperfections, seamlessly aligning with Sergio Herman's intent to evoke the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic.

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