Sergio Herman's Inku Line with Serax: Coming Soon to USA

Sergio Herman's Inku Line with Serax: Coming Soon to USA

By Staff Writer, Posted in Product
May 18, 2023

Sergio Herman is a top chef, known for his exquisite culinary creations and innovative approach to dining. The former owner of Oud Sluis, a three Michelin-starred restaurant in Sluis, The Netherlands, Sergio has since opened several restaurants and has taken on the culinary responsibility for the French fries concept Frites Atelier. His latest project, Le Pristine, is a brasserie that combines the region of Zeeland with Italian culinary flair.

During his travels to Japan, Sergio was fascinated by the beautiful, local, and pure tableware made there. He was inspired to translate that Japanese simplicity into a dynamic atmosphere brasserie and created the Inku line with Serax. Inku will be the signature tableware in Sergio’s new project, Le Pristine.

Sergio wishes to make the delicate character of traditional Japanese products accessible to a wide audience. Unlike his previous Surface collection, Inku is much more sophisticated, almost feminine. The collection features abstract structures and recognizable Japanese blossoms, giving a clear reference to nature. The radial typography, often associated with the iconic Mount Fuji, is also featured in the collection.

Handcrafted for those who dare to be different

The Inku collection is designed to not only decorate the plate nicely but also complete tables with blossoms in ceramics, according to Herman. The exceptional thing about Inku plates is that no two are precisely the same. The result is that the layer of glaze creates small imperfections that fit completely into the Wabi-Sabi feeling that Sergio Herman intended with this project.

SDPR + SERAX: An Exclusive Rental Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Something Different Party Rental will soon be the exclusive USA rental partner for the Inku line with Serax. We believe that the Inku collection is a perfect addition to our rental inventory, and we look forward to bringing this beautiful and unique tableware to our clients.

Sergio Herman's Inku line with Serax is an excellent choice for events, whether it's a wedding, corporate function, or any other occasion. The delicate and sophisticated nature of the collection, combined with the unique imperfections in each piece, will add a touch of elegance to any table setting.

We are excited to add the Inku line with Serax to our rental inventory and offer it exclusively to our clients in the USA. We believe that Sergio Herman's Inku line is a unique and beautiful addition to our rental inventory and will elevate any event to the next level. With its sophisticated and delicate design, combined with the unique imperfections in each piece, the Inku line is sure to impress guests and leave a lasting impression.